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MS. ANUJA PANDEY VERSATILE INDIAN FOLK & FINE ARTIST from Bangalore, India   How did your career journey start? As a child I w...



from Bangalore, India


How did your career journey start?

As a child I was always attracted towards creativity. Anything handmade, anything beautiful would take my attention. I was really blessed to find many creative people around me from friends and family. My love for art always had a wider aspect and I was receptive to anything that one can create. Initially, I explored many mediums and art forms just for the pleasure of creating it. Every time I created an artwork I felt more confident and more satisfied. This gave me a lot of courage to continue the art.


Who inspired you to start this journey?

My family has always been my strength. The support and appreciation that I got from my parents kept me going. It all started as a hobby, grew into  passion and then in profession.

After marriage too, I was blessed with a very happy, beautiful family and everybody supported my passion, appreciated my skill and motivated me to do more.


What kind of challenges did you face while starting/ doing your art?

Since I have been practicing art for over 25 years now there had been phases when I slowed down for the most beautiful beings that's my three children but these breaks only lasted for a few months.


Kindly share some information about your art products and services.

I conduct art classes for kids, art enthusiasts and professionals too. Modern technology has helped me reach and train students spread in different parts of the world. I have helped many to learn and start their journey, for some it was helping them get admission to premium art and design colleges and for some build their freelance career in Arts. I have also conducted various corporate workshops and training programs on different art forms. My YouTube channel "Art Thrills Studio" delivers  live workshops and tutorials on various art forms. The channel has tutorials and tips on many Indian folk and tribal arts like Madhubani, Warli, Saura, Pattachitra, Kalamkari, Mandala, Gond that even the beginners can watch and learn from. I will continue to add similar content as we well as contemporary arts and crafts. I also conduct classes via online and offline channels which are structured courses on advanced skills.


Obstacles or difficulties that you have faced?

Small obstacles would come your way but they can be the building blocks or stepping stones towards your growth. I never faced very tough situations but in the times of pandemic, things slowed down for all of us. This was a momentary phase untill I switched to my online platform which actually proved even better as people now started connecting from different parts of the world to learn art.


How have you empowered other people?

I feel the best way to empower anyone is to make them realise that they can do it. Sometimes, people want this assurance from others as not all are very confident and at all times. I have always supported everyone who likes and appreciates art but has a block or fear in trying it. In art community, it is very important to support and respect one's style and hard work. I feel happy to say that my students have set up their own Art Studios, some who learnt as hobby have deepened  their love for art and opted it professionally. I really feel happy to see them shine. The pandemic has been very tough on many of us and with the help of art therapy, I have been helping many overcome the difficulties they faced and rise up again. It gives me immense satisfaction to hear from them how big a support my art has been for them to pass this phase of life.


What are your future plans?

I mostly live in the moment, but my future plan is to setup an Art School with the wider perspective where the art community can  meet, discuss and get along with like-minded people. Where we promote art and train people.


What is your advice to new artists?

I strongly believe that consistency is the key towards growth and your art will evolve with practice. There is no shortcut to success. It needs dedication and consistency and you will grow as an artist. Your love for art is your self love. You can learn anything at any age. The more you practice it will grow deeper and you will feel satisfied, evolved and confident.

 Your advice to entrepreneurs who want to start and sustain

Every artist has a different thought process and that is your distinctive identity. My advice to the entrepreneurs would be that stick to your goal sometimes it takes time but your unique style will take you far and you will be known. Find platforms where you can showcase your work offline or online and get positive feedback on where you can improve.









Interviewed By : Ms. Nisha Nikam Bhagwate

Editor – Interior Vista E-Magazine
Mob: +91 7039923179

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