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MS. PRIYA KHANDELWAL, Creative Mandala Artist From India.

MS. PRIYA KHANDELWAL, Creative Mandala Artist From India.                                                   Q1. How did your career journey ...

MS. PRIYA KHANDELWAL, Creative Mandala Artist

From India.


Q1. How did your career journey start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this Art Journey?

PK : After completing my +2, I wanted to go for fashion designing for which I needed to appear for an entrance exam. And that entrance exam was divided in two parts, one of it was Creative ability test which is based on drawing skills. For that entrance exam, I started practicing art and made a separate art account for the record. For a lot of reasons I didn't end up in my dream college. So I went for business studies as my parents wanted. Throughout my journey, art never left me alone. It has always been with me in happiness and sorrow, excitement and anger. I graduated few weeks ago. And I still draw, more than I used to. It's a gift. I'm blessed to have this.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Arts, products and services here.

PK : I do all sort of creative art, but mandalas is my forte. I make bookmarks, bitmoji mandalas, bridal mandalas, creative mandalas and mandalas on large surfaces. I'm also a mandala mural artist. I drew mandalas on wall of a cafe. I do all sort of custom designed mandalas. Get in touch if you have something in mind.

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting/doing your arts?

PK: When I just started out I used to look at people making really beautiful artworks and I always used to think I can never do that. And for that reason my growth was slower than it would be if I gave things a try without thinking so much.
The challenges I still face are drawing human figures, perspective drawing etc. I feel they're very difficult.

Q4. Are you an Art Entrepreneur?

PK : Yes it can be said. I'm not an established artist yet, as I was working on it only when I got time, but one day I will be and I cannot wait for that day.

Q5. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties?

PK : It's always about trying, failing, trying again. Since I'm a self taught artist, I learnt things on my own. I used to take inspiration from other artists on instagram, sometimes used to use their artworks as reference. But apart from drawing things, I learnt a lot. Like the right art supplies,the ethics, presentation skills etc. I was always keen to learn but shy to ask. I never asked anyone about the supplies I should be using. I guess it didn't really harm me because it allowed me to experiment and explore.

Q6. Share with our readers about your experiment period after the discovery period?

PK : I'm always experimenting. Sometimes I pair a branch of tree with a mandala, sometimes a coin. I think it's something I've learnt with time that I shouldn't be scared of trying new things. Over past 2 years, I learnt a lot about art supplies but the learning never stopped. It's an on going process. I'm always experimenting and learning

Q7. How have you empowered other people?

PK : I don't know if I'm the right person to answer this question but my first priority was never to empower people. I was doing art for myself. I realised I was inspiring people to start drawing, start making Mandala murals when I started receiving DMs where they told me how my reels are helping them, that they love trying my artworks. I think that's more than enough for someone like me who have just started out. I want to put a smile on people's face when they go through my account and I feel like things are working out.

Q8. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

PK : I'm a very spontaneous person. One thing is for sure, my vision for next 5 years is growth. Being better than who I am right now. Being financially independent. Taking responsibilities. Making myself proud.

Q9. How would you advice/suggest new artists/entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain?

PK : Don't run after followers. 30k followers doesn't mean 300 orders. Work on the quality of your services. Learn how to make connections. Learn how to present your products and services to the audience. Attracting followers is easy but converting followers into customers is difficult.
And be patient and consistent. Things will work out. Keep drawing, keep creating magic.

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Interviewed By : Ms. Nisha Nikam Bhagwate
Editor – Interior Vista eMagazine
Mob: +91 7039923179

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