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Dr. Chhaya Kumari - A Dentist and Artist with Guinness World Record, Asia & India Records for her contribution on Folk and Tribal Arts of India

  Dr. Chhaya Kumari Q1. How did your career  start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this Art Journey? I started as BDS Lecturer in ITS ­...


Dr. Chhaya Kumari

Q1. How did your career start? Or Who/What inspired you to start this Art Journey?

I started as BDS Lecturer in ITS ­–CDSR Dental College Ghaziabad in 2009, gave resignation in 2011 and opened my own clinic in the name of Chhaya Dental Care.

Had a keen interest and passionate about folk paintings since childhood my inspiration my guide my mentor is my mother Vimal Jha I got inspired by seeing her folk paintings from childhood. Gradually I became passionate about different folk paintings of our country.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your Arts, products and services here.

I do several folk paintings of our country including Mithila ,Warli ,Gond , Bastar, Tikuli, Kalamkari ,Sohrai ,Paitkar,Saura ,Bhil etc.I love to paint on big canvases with acrylic colours, made so many warli paintings on Tassar silk cloth ,made paintings on PVC board ,Wood ,Canvas board ,Fabric etc .Exhibited my paintings Nationally and Internationally Offline as well Online.

I have several awards and have participated in several exhibitions. I have Guinness World Record on my Name for – Maximum Tribal & Folk Art Painting made by an Individual.

I have my name in India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for Largest Madhubani Canvas.

Also, have a Guinness World Record as group for most photos of people painting uploaded on Facebook in 1 Hour.

Q3. What kind of challenges did you face while starting/doing your arts?

Being full fledged Doctor ,Being women , Wife and Mother there were so many priorities before arts but full cooperation and support of my family always help me to get rid of all the challenges.

Q4. Are you an Art Entrepreneur?

At first I am folk art promoter, lover, secondly I am an art entrepreneur.

Q5. Do share with our readers about your discovery period when you were facing difficulties?

I always believe that hard work and patience always pay off and these two qualities always help you to face all the unfavorable situations and difficulties in our life. Apart from clinical obligation and household activities many times it was difficult for me to pursue my passion of promoting and practicing folk paintings and take them at higher level but family’s great support always worked  as pillar of strength for me.

Q6. Share with our readers about your experiment period after the discovery period?

When I started making of largest Madhubani painting on canvas of size 15 feet/ 6 feet many times I thought that I have done blunder by starting doing mithila painting on such a huge canvas how could I complete this ,unless and until the half of the paintings got finished I was regretting but once I finished with half of the canvas than my energy of creativity level boosted and till today I am receiving appreciation and achievements for that.

Q7. How have you empowered other people?

 I have been an inspiration and motivational factor to many upcoming artists.

I have empowered people by making them realize their true potential and also helping them create artforms.

Q8. What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

By seeing the present situation of our country its very difficult to plan but I hope for the best and I wish situation could be normal and the people should lead normal fearless life. I want to promote and revive as much folk art as I can I want to take them to reach the zenith of success. These tribal arts are our cultural heritage and we should preserve them. I wish to organize workshops and exhibitions of various folk arts of our country, conduct different webinars  and art talk  series which will be based on promotion and revival of folk art.

Q9. How would you advice/suggest new artists/entrepreneurs who want to start & sustain?

Be your Own self and have confidence and exhibit your art and also feel free to take help and give help. Reach out to people.

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Interviewed by - Nisha Nikam Bhagwate
Editor - Interior Vista e-Magazine
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